Combining the highest levels of substantive knowledge, industry experience and courtroom savvy to meet the needs of our litigation clients, haltom & doan attorneys have an active trial practice with credentials including the American College of Trial Lawyers, American Board of Trial Advocates, and financial certifications.

With more than 150 years of courtroom experience, we strive to offer innovative strategies, aggressive ideas and decisive solutions to modern litigation challenges.

haltom & doan , a diverse boutique of litigation professionals, takes pride in the expertise of our lawyers and staff, in a wide range of substantive areas:

Business & Commercial

Business and commercial litigation is a fundamental component of our litigation practice.  Whether bringing the claim to litigation or defending the claim, whether representing the local, small business or the multi-national conglomerate, our attorneys enjoy the unique challenges of litigation involving contractual, transactional, financial and other business events.  haltom & doan is prepared to represent our business and commercial clients in these matters, including disputes involving:

•    antitrust
•    governmental transactions
•    contractual
•    insurance
•    financial

Whether in the investigative phase, in preparation for and consummation of litigation, or in alternative dispute resolution, haltom & doan attorneys have the experience and case-management skills to effectively handle a wide range of business and commercial disputes.

Insurance Defense

haltom & doan attorneys collectively have over 80 years of experience as insurance defense counsel.   We welcome the unique position and responsibilities of teaming with insurance clients and providing objective counsel and realistic evaluations of liability.  Regardless of the complexity of the dispute or the amount in controversy, our goal is to achieve a resolution as advantageous and quick as possible.

Our attorneys are experienced in a wide range of insurance defense matters, whether first-party, third-party, trial or appeal.   Without compromising through pre-trial and trial preparation, we are constantly mindful of the need to remain cost-effective, efficient and practical.   Likewise, we accept the importance of following company guidelines as to analysis, budgeting, reporting and billing.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property has become one of the most litigated issues in today’s technically complex society.  In Texarkana and throughout northeast Texas, companies with disputes concerning software, the Internet, networking and consumer goods have increasingly found a fast and efficient legal system. haltom & doan is perfectly situated to represent our clients’ interests in this venue, keeping them informed of local nuances and connected to the process.  From discovery to claim construction to mediation/arbitration and trial, our attorneys provide experienced case-management and courtroom skills to provide the best possible results.

Intellectual property matters our attorneys have handled include:

•    check imaging processes
•    telecommunication services
•    computer hard drives
•    website platforms
•    JPEG technology
•    World Wide Web

Pharmaceutical Litigation

haltom & doan's pharmaceutical experience is a key specialty of our litigation practice. To defend our pharmaceutical clients, we rely upon not only the extensive experience of our attorneys and other support personnel with sound knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry.

We have defended Fortune 500 manufacturers, as well as mid- to smaller sized pharmaceutical companies, in litigation concerning a broad array of therapeutic and non-therapeutic products.   Our attorneys’ experience includes:

•    diet drugs
•    hormone replacement therapy
•    vaccines
•    phenylpropanolamine (PPA)
•    contraceptives/contraceptive devices

Our work includes both acting as regional and local counsel in state and federal court cases and joining with other firms as part of our clients’ national defense efforts.   In addition to offering strategic input, we provide efficient case management and strong courtroom presence at all phases of pre-trial motion practice, discovery and, ultimately, trial.

Medical Device Litigation

haltom & doan's medical device experience is another strength of our litigation practice.  We bring to the defense:

•    knowledge of the medical device industry
•    experience in litigating medical device claims

We have defended numerous sectors in the medical device industry, including many household names, against claims involving a diverse range of products.  A brief sampling of our medical device litigation experience includes the following products:

•    breast implants
•    implantable birth control
•    implantable defibrillators
•    resuscitation bags
•    oncology equipment

Whether defending against the individual claim or nationwide class action, we provide multiple levels of counsel to our clients.  From development of the factual case to challenges of expert witnesses, we are suited to defend the medical device claim from initial filing to trial and throughout the appellate process.

Class Actions

Class action litigation has developed into a significant component of our legal system.   Despite recent media scrutiny and legislative reforms, class actions continue to be utilized as an economical method of dispute resolution and means of reaching uniform judicial decisions, to name a few reasons.   Texarkana, Northeast Texas and Southwest Arkansas courts have shown the ability to efficiently and expeditiously manage and resolve some of the most complex class actions.   haltom & doan has played an important role in representing clients through many of these class actions, including disputes involving:

•    securities fraud
•    automobile components
•    small consumer goods
•    implantable medical devices
•    computer software

Whether in the development of factual issues, preparation of expert witnesses, challenges to class certification or approval of proposed settlements, haltom & doan attorneys have the experience and case-management skills to effectively handle a wide range of class action matters.

Environmental/Toxic Tort

In our environmental practice, haltom & doan offers a depth of substantive experience, industry knowledge and professional credibility that is rivaled by few, if any, law firms in our region.   Our lawyers serve some of the world’s largest companies in a host of litigation matters in virtually every area of environmental law, including environmental litigation involving toxic tort, personal injury and property claims.   Our services include coordination and establishment of medical evaluations, organization and management of voluminous discovery, production, and development of expert issues and witnesses, not to mention trial strategies and implementation.   Our attorneys are experienced in the defense of environmental/toxic tort issues such as benzene exposure, asbestosis, manganese poisoning and wood treatment exposure.   We have represented some of the country’s largest petroleum, aluminum and chemical industries.

Our environmental/toxic tort defense experience places us in a position to competently:

•    coordinate effective trial strategies
•    develop factual discovery and expert support
•    manage client documents
•    provide a competent courtroom presence

Personal Injury

Understanding complex medical issues is made easier and the opportunity for success is greatly increased with a well-balanced, knowledgeable support staff.   haltom & doan personal injury practice relies on a staff of experienced, trained professionals with a wide range of backgrounds.   Whether representing the injured individually or targeted defendant, our goal is to achieve the results our clients seek by aggressive, creative and practical representation.

Calling on the experience of hundreds of trials and utilizing the latest in case management and presentation technology, our attorneys are committed to success throughout all phases of litigation: fact development, expert testimony, settlement negotiation and trial.   As counsel for plaintiffs and defendants, our attorneys have significant experience in:

•    premises liability
•    construction hazards
•    automobile collisions
•    products liability
•    recreational equipment
•    tractor – trailer collisions

Product Liability

haltom & doan product liability practice utilizes decades of attorney experience covering a wide range of product issues.  Our attorneys and support staff have significant experience representing manufacturers and distributors in a variety of industries, including:

• automotive (all 3 major U.S. manufacturers)
• telephone/telecommunications
• chemicals/asbestos
• electrical components
• heating blankets/pads
• smoke alarms
• welding rods
• pharmaceuticals (see Pharmaceutical Litigation)
• medical devices (see Medical Device Litigation)

In addition to individual claims, we are involved in class-action litigation and national serial litigation involving virtually all types of state and federal causes of action.  Our product defense experience enables us to effectively and efficiently coordinate discovery, develop and interrogate expert witnesses, communicate and network with national defense counsel, and provide a strong courtroom image throughout all phases of litigation.

Appellate Practice

haltom & doan lawyers – some of whom enjoyed the experience of judicial clerkships – handle appeals in every area of law that gives rise to complex legal questions, including securities fraud, civil procedure, birth control devices, Daubert challenges, governmental immunity and personal injury.

On appeal, as in trial, our strategy focuses on getting to the point.  Our briefs strive for an argument that is scholarly and credible, yet also persuasive, incisive and – ultimately – successful.

In addition to appellate proceedings for our trial clients, we handle appeals for clients and trial counsel who feel that they could benefit from a fresh viewpoint on a case.   We encourage counsel to consult with us as soon as they believe that a client may need appellate representation, preferably, during the trial court process.

A sampling of appellate decisions listing haltom & doan attorneys as counsel for a party include:

e-LYNXX Corp. v. InnerWorkings, Inc., 958 F. Supp. 2d 569 (M.D. Pa. 2013)

Eolas v. Yahoo! Inc., 2013 U.S. App. LEXIS 14751 (Fed. Cir. 2013);

Southern Wine v. Mountain Valley, 712 F.3d 397 (8th Cir. 2013);

Southern Wine v. Mountain Valley, 646 F.3d 526 (8th Cir. 2011);

Gellman v. Telular Corp., 2011 U.S. App. LEXIS 23950 (Fed. Cir. 2011)