SkyBitz Dismissed From Suit

[3-February-16 16:31:03]
Late yesterday Judge Rodney Gilstrap entered an order dismissing Haltom & Doan’s client, SkyBitz, Inc., from Smith v. SkyBitz, Inc.  SkyBitz was the last remaining...

Attorneys Fees Awarded in eDekka Litigation

[21-January-16 16:37:35]
In September of 2015, following oral argument from the parties, Judge Gilstrap granted Defendants’ Motions for Summary Judgment in eDekka LLC v. 3Balls.com, Inc. et...

Law360 Discusses Virtual Gaming Cases

[12-January-16 17:08:11]
Law 360 discusses one of Haltom & Doan’s newest cases in its January 11, 2016 article entitled DraftKings, FanDuel Dispute Patent Infringement Claims. “DraftKings and...


Strategies to Defeat a Frivolous Patent Suit

[7-December-15 15:56:16]
Law 360 recently spoke with several attorneys, including Jennifer Doan, to discuss strategies on how “to beat groundless suits” in one of the top venues...

The Value of a Mentor

[18-November-15 22:54:46]
Jennifer Doan discusses the value of mentoring and the impact it had on her career in an interview with AMP’s (Arkansas Money & Politics) editor...

Tex-ABOTA’s 7th Amendment Symposium (2015)

[27-August-15 0:00:14]
Tex-ABOTA’s Jennifer Doan, along with several other chapter members discuss the importance of the 7th Amendment and the right to trial by jury.  The 7th...