The Value of a Mentor

[18-November-15 22:54:46]
Jennifer Doan discusses the value of mentoring and the impact it had on her career in an interview with AMP’s (Arkansas Money & Politics) editor...

Tex-ABOTA’s 7th Amendment Symposium (2015)

[27-August-15 0:00:14]
Tex-ABOTA’s Jennifer Doan, along with several other chapter members discuss the importance of the 7th Amendment and the right to trial by jury.  The 7th...


AutoZone, JCPenney Duck Claims in Mobile IP Suit

[25-June-14 12:00:49]
Partner, Darby Doan, and associate, Brent McCabe, of Haltom & Doan help secure a summary judgment motion that ultimately dismisses client, AutoZone, from suit. View...